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07 December 2023


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49 EUR

Sound Factory
Hery-Park 2000, 86368 Gersthofen
12 December, 20:00 Wroclaw 199 PLN Buy
13 December, 20:00 Lodz 199-229 PLN Buy
14 February, 20:00 Warszawa 119-449 PLN Buy
17 February, 19:00 Dublin 65-106 EUR

About the show

One of the most famous Ukrainian performers with a concert in Ausburg! 

Artem Pivovarov will perform his best songs in Augsburg, on December 7, 2023 at the Sound Factory stage, and will spin you into the whirlwind of Ukrainian music. His work is a living energy that flows through notes and words, filling every chord with unforgettable drive. His songs are a real exercise for the soul, which can strike at the very heart, wedge deep into the soul.

Artem Pivovarov is in Germany as part of his big European tour!

Artem Pivovarov is a real treasure of modern Ukrainian music. The energy he puts into his songs is capable of charging you through your headphones, not to mention the outburst of emotions at his concerts.

It is thanks to his incredible talent and boundless diligence that he has risen to the top of the music charts and continues to hold his prominent place there. Even in duets with leading Ukrainian artists, Artem Pivovarov adds his own unsurpassed charm and a touch of originality, making each song they perform together unlike the last.

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Concerts by Artem Pivovarov in other cities in Germany:

  • Stuttgart - 09 November, 20:00

  • Hamburg - 29 November, 20:00

  • Dresden - 10 December, 19:00

Songs by Artem Pivovarov: 

  • Дежавю

  • Міраж

  • Думи

  • Маніфест

  • Рандеву

  • Там у тополі