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10 December 2023


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60 EUR

STROMWERK | Kulturarena Kraftwerk Mitte
Kraftwerk Mitte 28, 01067 Dresden
12 December, 20:00 Wroclaw 199 PLN Buy
13 December, 20:00 Lodz 199-229 PLN Buy
14 February, 20:00 Warszawa 119-449 PLN Buy
17 February, 19:00 Dublin 65-106 EUR

About the show

Artem Pivovarov in Dresden.

On December 10, 2023, the Stromwerk will host a concert by Ukrainian artist Artem Pivovarov, whose frantic energy and rhythms will fill the concert hall. The show in Dresden promises to be a great one, because when Artem performs, it can't be otherwise.

Ukrainian singer with great energy Artem Pivovarov in Germany!

Artem Pivovarov is a true master of musical transformation, intertwining his personality with sounds, creating the feeling that the music comes to life and breathes with him. He gives listeners moments when time stops and only music remains.

He can be incredibly different, but despite this, he always remains true to his style. He surprises his listeners with his variability and talent for adapting to different moods and atmospheres. From lightness to depth, from fun to melancholy, he is a virtuoso who knows how to turn every melody into an emotional masterpiece that is in tune with the pulse of every listener.

The concert is a charity event and the proceeds will be used to support Ukraine.

Warm up at the concert with fierce energy, buy tickets for Artem Pivovarov's performance in Dresden on our website and at the city tikcet offices. Find more concerts in Dresden on our website. 

The concert starts at 19:00.

Songs by Artem Pivovarov: 

  • Дежавю

  • Міраж

  • Думи

  • Маніфест

  • Рандеву

  • Там у тополі